Below is a list of our upcoming webinars that you can register for:

Webinars that will soon be open for registration:

  • 15 Oct, 7:30pm
    • Dr Justine Lee (aka Vetgirl) – Hosted by Hill’s Pet Nutrition
  • 17 Oct, 2:00pm
    • How to deal (or not deal) with difficult clients (Various Presenters) – Hosted by the SA Veterinary Foundation
  • 21 Oct, 3:30pm
    • Food Fraud & Authenticity (Various Presenters) – Hosted by the AOAC Sub-Saharan African Section
  • 22 Oct, 7:30pm
    • Dr Andy Roark – Hosted by Hill’s Pet Nutrition
  • 28 Oct, 7.30pm
    • SAVA Pretoria Branch CPD Event: Interpretation of increased liver enzymes (Dr Emma Hooijberg) – Sponsored by Zoetis
  • 29 Oct, 7:30pm
    • Dr Michael Gray – Hosted by Hill’s Pet Nutrition
  • 5 Nov, 7:30pm
    • How not to get Covid from your Pangolin (Dr Karin Lourens) – Hosted by Hill’s Pet Nutrition


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