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Week of 23-27 November. For more information contact Corné Engelbrecht at

  • 7 – Taking charge of overwhelming situations: COVID-19 & beyond – your lockdown toolbox (Desiré Rees) <watchAC/0132/20, 1 CPD
  • 14 – COVID is a b*tch – how to handle the COVID-19 client & other difficult customers (Desiré Rees)  <watchAC/0154/20, 1 CPD
  • 21 – GI Biome Virtual Event Launch & A rational approach to chronic enteropathies in dogs and cats (Dr Stanley Marks, USA)  <watchAC/0184/20, 2 CPD
  • 28 May – Digitally Engaging with Clients Now & Beyond COVID (Eric Garcia, USA) – Sponsored by Hill’s <watch>AC/0185/20, 1 CPD
  • 4 – Good Grief – Being the bearer of bad news (Desiré Rees) <watchAC/0195/20, 1 CPD
  • 11 – How to Handle Online Haters (Eric Garcia, USA) <watchAC/0209/20, 1 CPD
  • 18 – Your complete guide to handling bullies in your practice (Desiré Rees) <watchAC/0217/20, 2 CPD
  • 22 – OP Students: Understanding basic nutrition (Dr Guy Fyvie) <watch>
  • 25 – Time Management (Desiré Rees) <watchAC/0224/20, 1 CPD
  • 29 – OP Students: Dealing with Exam Stress (Desiré Rees) <watch>
  • 10 – Hill’s Pet Nutrition & MSD Animal Health Virtual Nurses Day Event <contact, 7 CPD
  • 13 – Building resilience during COVID: pushing through when the odds are stacked against you (Desiré Rees) <watchAC/0292/20, 1 CPD
  • 20 – Finding Felines! Choose to be a Cat Friendly Clinic (Dr Tanya Schoeman) <watchAC/0303/20, 2 CPD
  • 27 – Lockdown! The impact of the new normal on dog ownership and how the veterinary profession can assist (Dr Aileen Pypers) <watchAC/0314/20, 2 CPD
  • 10 – I think this is an Endocrine disease, but which one…? (Dr Phil Rees) <watch> AC/0324/20, 1 CPD
  • 17 – How to lead in your practice (Desiré Rees) <watch> AC/0331/20, 1 CPD
  • 1 – Dealing with ocular emergencies (Dr Izak Venter) <watch> AC/0339/20, 1 CPD
  • 6 – Hill’s Receptionists Virtual Event (various). Register to <watch> no CPD accreditation
  • 8 – Fatty is not happy: all you need to know about comorbidities of obesity (Dr Iveta Becvarova). Register to <watch> AC/0348/20, 1 CPD
  • 15 – How to rock breaking bad news to save you tons of time (Dr Sue Ettinger aka Dr Sue Cancer Vet). Register to <watch> AC/0355/20, 1 CPD
  • 22 – The Essential Guide to Enjoying Vet Medicine: Discovering & Rediscovering Joy (Dr Andy Roark). Register to <watch>
  • 29 – Musings on Cannabis for pain – a fact-free introduction (Dr Michael Gray). Register to <watch>
  • 5 – Temminck’s Pangolin and what we’ve learned in 2 years (Dr Karin Lourens & the African Pangolin Working Group) Register to <watch> AC/0377/20, 1 CPD
  • 12 – Hill’s Thanksgiving Thursday Webinar (Desiré Rees, Chef Jody O’Connor, Hill’s PVA Team, Greg Gelb) Register to <watch> No CPD


Once you’ve completed the webinar replay, please complete the short survey to allocate the CPD points to your profile. Click here

Please do note that the SA Veterinary Council does not require CPD certificates for any events attended from 1 January 2020.  Once the event has been accredited, your points will be uploaded, against your profile & the relevant activity, onto the SAVC Online portal.

Should you require a certificate, please contact Erna Klopper at

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