What we offer


We provide event management services, working collaboratively with our clients to gain an understanding of the event’s objectives and end goals of the organization before they set out to reserve a venue and move forward with planning.  In advance, let us assist you in shaping the format and content of the event in order to satisfy measurable goals defined by the event owner.


Once your event has been designed our team will work within your parameters to seek out the perfect venue to place your event.  Based on the size of your programme, the style of your group and your budget we will do the research on rates, space and availability on your behalf saving you valuable time and energy.


Allow us to review contracts and ensure that everything you require is represented in your agreement with the venue and all vendors you hire to execute your events.  Our eye on detail will ensure nothing is missed and that appropriate space is reserved and the necessary concessions are negotiated.


Once the venue has been selected and the contract negotiated we step in to create your Event Specifications Guide which will outline the complete requirements and instructions for your event.  We will work with you to create the specifications and work as the liaison between your organization and the venue ensuring all expectations are met by both parties.


Should the need arise to hire vendors to execute additional services such as airport or around town transportation, activities, amenities, décor, entertainment or off-site dining, for instance, we will assist you in connecting with those individuals and negotiating a fair contract.


We will be on site, by your side, or acting independently on your behalf, depending on our arrangement, to ensure that all events are executed as expected.  We will arrive prior to the first guest to walk through the event with a venue representative and review all expectations before the doors open.  On site, we will oversee the day to day activities, ensuring events are set on time and that food and beverage, room set and audio-visual requirements are executed as agreed upon.


Keeping at or below the expected budget is vital when executing an event.  Our team is skilled at ensuring all costs are considered and reviewed with our clients during the planning process.  Once the budget is set and all costs are approved we will keep a close eye on all expenditures before, during and after the programme to ensure efficient use of your resources.


Allow us to assist you in the coordination and oversight of attendee information needed for airport transfers, room reservations, breakout sessions and meals.  If activities are part of the agenda we can assist in ensuring that all participants are registered correctly and we will work with the activity vendors to ensure they have what they need to get attendees where they need to go, on time.


At the end of the day it’s important to measure the results of your event.  Allow our team to conduct post event reviews with your attendees and the venue operators to understand if the objectives were met and how things could be done differently in the future.  This valuable feedback will enable you to execute an even better event the next time.

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